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Review: X-Men: Destiny

X-Men: Destiny seemed like a novel idea on paper: choose from three newly-initiated mutants, develop their fledgling powers, and fight alongside some of your favorite X-Men or Brotherhood characters. In practice, it feels much more like a horribly written fanfic than a full-fledged, completed video game. If you’ve ever written a Mary Sue character into the Marvel universe, beautiful, young, and naive, yet mysteriously able to join the X-Men after a mere few fights and near-instant mastery of powers, then you’ve probably got a good feel of how the game plays out. Here’s a hint: not very well.

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Feature: The Best Upcoming Video Game Swag: Fall 2011

Video game swag is one of our favorite things. It’s not enough for you to purchase the biggest AAA titles and see them through to completion? Need a little more? Something tangible? You’re not alone. You’ve gotta show your love somehow, preferably through throwing money at the manufacturers handling the distribution of the games’ almighty swag. Whether it’s a trinket such as a keychain you lose between your sofa cushions or a limited edition statue, there are plenty of options out there to nerd out.

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Feature: Who’s On Your Video Game Zombie Killing Squad?

Dead Island weaves a bloody tale full of severed limbs, bikini babes, and slaughtered beachgoers. After the beautiful island of Banoi was suddenly stricken with a severe case of the zombies, a ragtag bunch of survivors stood together and fought back all in an effort to fight another day. The motley crew of rebels was anything but prepared to take on the snarling, rabid monsters, but I’ve had time to prepare for a zombie apocalypse.

I’m ready. I’ve chosen some of the best candidates I could think of to bring along with me on my own personal crusade against the undead. Here are my choices, but of course that begs the question: who’s your zombie-killing squad?

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Review: Hector: Badge of Carnage: Episode 3: Beyond Reasonable Doom

If raunchy humor is your thing, then you’ll find plenty to enjoy in the Hector: Badge of Carnage series from Telltale Games. I’m not sure I should even begin to run down the list of completely inappropriate jokes that will fly your way from the start of the third and final episode of the series, but rest assured if you’re the type to offend easily, it certainly isn’t for you. Episode 3: Beyond Reasonable Doom is a fitting end to the story, however, and if you’ve been along for the ride the whole time, you’ll likely be satisfied here as well.

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Review: Orcs Must Die!

Your fortress is under siege by hundreds of bloodthirsty orcs. You’ve got deadly traps, spells, and some beastly weapons at your disposal. What do you do? You strategically place spiked platforms, walls of spears, and break out your crossbow, of course! Orcs Must Die! is an effective my-castle-is-under-attack-by-these-enormous-monsters sim and one that serves up plenty of crafty good fun. As you step into the shoes of a War Mage, a member of the mystical Order, you’re tasked with defending your tower from the Mob, a faction comprised of orcs, ogres, hellbats, and other nasties who barge in any way they can to wreak havoc upon the world. It’s your job to keep them at bay using any means necessary. This quick-and-dirty tower defense game may be a little on the shallow side, but it’s certainly worth your time.

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