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News: Bioshock 2 Subtitle Axed

Sorry, guys – don’t mean to crush any dreams here, but BioShock 2’s subtitle, Sea of Dreams, has officially been axed. Just as we were beginning to warm to the idea, too! The nerve! Keen eyes at Primotech took note of Game Informer’s glaring omission of the subtitle and confirmed the axe with a 2K community representative. Joystiq took the case one step further and got in touch with 2K as well. After being given the exact same reponse via BioShock 2’s publicist, the change can most definitely be considered official. However, that’s not all the events that transpired.

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News: Jack Thompson Asks Obama For Nationwide Ban On "Killer Games"

Jack Thompson , for better or worse, will not be silenced. Though many do not agree with his methods, all can agree that he is one who knows how to play the game that is mainstream media. Mr. Thompson knows that the quickest way to fire up both journos and the gaming industry as a whole is to hit it directly where it hurts. Say what you will about his methods, but the fact that the man never feels the need to censor himself nor cater to what the masses want to hear from him is indeed admirable. Much to the chagrin of many (misinformed) gamers, Jack is back. Hot on the heels of recent Utah legislature’s passing of House Bill 353 (a bill that would amend and improve upon Utah’s Truth in Advertising Law), Jack has become enraged at the fact that the good citizens of the United States have the audacity to voice their opinions regarding such a bill. In turn, he’s made a respectable move, going straight to the man who should, in theory, be able to get a plan set in motion – President Obama.

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News: iPod Touch/iPhone Becoming Veritable Gaming Platform

It’s no question that Microsoft has a successful gaming console on its hands. The 29 million Xbox 360s that made their way home with proud new owners are evidence of its popularity. As a result, it’s gained tremendous support from a myriad of developers across the board. Now, a familiar contender is rising in popularity. This morning, Apple was pleased to announce that the company has sold a whopping 30 million combined iPod Touch and iPhone units worldwide, surpassing the amount of Xbox 360s currently out in the wild.

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