News: Bioshock 2 Subtitle Axed

Sorry, guys – don’t mean to crush any dreams here, but BioShock 2’s subtitle, Sea of Dreams, has officially been axed. Just as we were beginning to warm to the idea, too! The nerve! Keen eyes at Primotech took note of Game Informer’s glaring omission of the subtitle and confirmed the axe with a 2K community representative. Joystiq took the case one step further and got in touch with 2K as well. After being given the exact same reponse via BioShock 2’s publicist, the change can most definitely be considered official. However, that’s not all the events that transpired.

Kotaku has confirmed that BioShock 2, according to 2K, will not be featuring a co-op mode. While we can expect to see a multiplayer mode (crap!), co-op play is simply not in the cards. Of course not! That would make sense!

What’s the reason behind this change? Quite interesting and open to speculation. Perhaps it implied too much of an optimistic view, and 2K decided it no longer fit.

Thanks for taking the initiative, Primotech! Subtitles are overrated, anyway.

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