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Review: Wanted: Weapons of Fate

Movie games are likely to suck, no matter what the property attached to it is. Case in point: the Watchmen game was downright horrible, as well as a host of other movie-to-game translations that have come down the pipeline over the years. Wanted: Weapons of Fate is considered to be an adaptation of the movie (remember it? Angelina Jolie?), though it doesn’t follow the storyline laid out within. Instead, you follow Wesley on his next assignment as a fledgling assassin through a game heavily inspired by Gears of War that doesn’t completely fail, and is quite acceptable – for a movie game.

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Impressions: Red Faction: Guerrilla

Red Faction is a franchise that has been largely ignored over the years, mostly due to the fact that it didn’t bring much of anything new to the table regarding the genre. Its earlier renditions were FPSs, and now with the release of Red Faction: Guerrilla, Volition is hoping to change our perception of the series with some delicious destruction and havoc. Though the game releases on June 9th, I was lucky enough to give the demo a try. What has Red Faction: Guerrilla brought to the table? To be quite blunt, a lot of the same flavor we’re used to being fed from triple-A titles. However, the sprinkles on top of the sundae are quite satisfying.

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Review: Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars

The GTA series has become a bit of a mixed bag throughout the years. Upon changing up formulas, catering to different audiences, and bringing change to a formula that wasn’t exactly broken, its popularity continues to surge. With the recent release of Grand Theft Auto IV and its very first DLC episode, the franchise has gained and lost a myriad of fans. However, one thing remains unchanging: the fact that Rockstar has never been, nor will be, afraid to go there.

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Review: Peggle Nights

Peggle continues to steal the souls of every single gamer it touches, leaving husks of the former person behind. This year seems to have been the “big” year for the franchise, as its appearance on the Xbox Live Arcade has brought forward a massive influx of brand new fans. Any wildly popular game can warrant a sequel. Peggle Nights is the official sequel to the astronomically successful original title, released late last year. Delivering more of the same Peggle action, this is one more gem from PopCap that you’re going to find yourself losing several hours at a time on.

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Interview: Jack Thompson

I (Molotov Cupcake) was given the opportunity via Popzara to interview Jack Thompson regarding recent events. I am reprinting the interview in its entirety here to see that the information is spread throughout the internet! You can find it below. My questions are in bold, and Jack’s answers are beneath them.

Love him or hate him, the industry’s most controversial figure returns to Popzara for his second exclusive interview, as Jack Thompson once again takes the hot seat for another round of grilling and thrilling.  We welcome Jack back to discuss the recent passing and subsequent veto of Utah’s House Bill 353, as well as his recent letter to President Obama for a total ban of all violent video games. Ever-passionate and fired up about keeping the “killer games” out of the hands of youngsters everywhere, Jack’s crusade is far from over.

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