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Interview: ByteSize Games’ Tom Hoeg

It takes a lot of guts to leave a sure thing, especially in these times of economic uncertainty. That goes double when that ‘sure thing’ is one of the most respected videogame developers in the business and the destination one of the most financially-depressed states in the country. But it sure sounds like having guts runs in the family as that’s exactly what happened with Thomas Hoeg, founder and CEO of mobile-centric developer ByteSize Games.

After working on Ratchet and Clank: A Crack in Time for the PlayStation 3, Tom – along with brother Richard – left the relative development safety of Insomniac Games’ for their next big adventure – founding ByteSize Games in their home state of Michigan in 2010 with an emphasis on making “the kind of games that we want to make”, he says. After their debut with last year’s award-winning geometric color-blasting FlipShip, the company is readying their follow-up with a new spin on the eternal struggle of mouse vs. cheese with the puzzle-solving fun of Little Labyrinths. And wouldn’t you know it, Tom was more than willing to talk about his love of puzzle gaming, cheese, and going from crafting blockbusters to more bite-sized pleasures.

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Interview: Daniel Licht on Scoring Silent Hill: Downpour

With over twenty years of scoring hit horror franchises like Children of the Corn, Amityville, and Hellraiser, composer Daniel Licht knows a thing or two about scary sounds, and is perhaps best known for his work on Showtime’s award-winning serial killer drama Dexter. And now he’s turning his ghoulish gifts to another medium – videogames – with his original score for Konami’s Silent Hill: Downpour, snatching the bloody reigns from series regular Akira Yamaoka for the first time in the long-running survival-horror series’ history.

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Interview: Jennifer Hale Talks About Voicing FemShep In Mass Effect 3

Even if you don’t already know the name, there’s a good chance that you know the voice. Jennifer Hale is no n00b to the video games industry. You can hear her voicing characters from Bastila Shan in Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic to Dr. Naomi Hunter in Metal Gear Solid. Hale has also lent her voice to television in The Powerpuff Girls, Totally Spies and Avatar: The Last Airbender.

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Interview: Jon Jacobs of Neverdie Studios

Recently we had a chance to try out The Thing via Entropia Universe, a movie tie-in to coincide with The Thing, in theaters October 14th. We asked Neverdie Studios’ Jon Jacobs a few quick questions about the game and his thoughts behind it. His answers read a little more like a press release to me, but nevertheless we appreciate his taking the time to answer my questions.

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Interview: Dave Gilbert of Wadjet Eye Games

With the release of Blackwell Deception, we look to the head of Wadjet Eye Games, Dave Gilbert, for some insight about the future of the studio and the Blackwell series of adventure games. Thanks, Dave, for our brief chat, and we’re looking forward to your next project!

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