Review: Save Yammi

When I first picked up a Nintendo DS, I knew I had to get Pac-Pix, a game that involved drawing Pac-Men and then drawing lines to corral them into the direction they needed to go, all in an effort to gobble up the several ghosts terrorizing you in each level. And I was completely engrossed. Fast-forward to 2001, and a friend of mine is appalled that I’ve never seen or heard of Chillingo’s mobile slide-fest Cut the Rope. So, like Angry Birds and the rest, I was initially hesitant to buy into whatever fad surrounded the popular title, until I dove right in and soon realized I couldn’t get enough of Save Yammi, a more recent release from BULKYPIX.

At first glance, Save Yammi appears to be a clone of the infinitely more popular Cut the Rope, from its adorable graphics to its app icon. And to be fair, you wouldn’t be incorrect if you said Save Yammi was capitalizing off of its inspiration. However, to write Save Yammi off would deny you of yet another deliciously addictive game that eats up bite-sized chunks of time day after day, and you know that’s where you get the most use out of your devices, eh?

The name of the game is to feed Yammi some delicious cookies, collecting stars as you draw ropes that you will guide the cookies to Yammi with. A bundle of string is shown at the top of the screen, showcasing how many more tries you have left to ensure that by your creative use of rope and the forces of gravity, Yammi gets his dinner. However, there’s much more strategic planning to be had here than “draw a rope, feed Yammi.” He won’t open up and chow down until the three yellow stars scattered throughout each unique stage have been consumed. So, not only must you take inventory of how Yammi will procure the cookies being sent his way, you must also find a way to collect the stars for him to bite.

And as you speed through the game’s several levels, the difficulty only ramps up, with plenty of bonus points, new tools, and several new obstacles. And with the iPhone/iPad’s accelerometer, another layer of strategy comes into play. Actually taking control of what could just be a static cookie (or piece of candy with Cut the Rope) ensures that Save Yammi stands out much more than just as a copycat.

Of course, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and Save Yammi brings the imitation in droves. Is it fun, though? Yes. Did you finish up with Cut the Rope already? Probably. I’d say you’re a good candidate for checking out BULKYPIX’s latest, and that surely won’t cost you too much. Forget what they say – you can never have too much of a good thing.

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