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Review: BioShock 2

The word “rapture” has several connotations. Its most popular usage is to describe those who are wrapped up in a state of bliss or overwhelming ecstasy. To devout Christians, it’s the second coming of Christ. To the thriving community of gamers who eagerly devoured the critically acclaimed (and smash commercial hit) BioShock, the word’s meaning is absolutely concrete. “Rapture” is synonymous with the bizarre yet profound adventure that continues to push the bounds of what gaming can accomplish; Andrew Ryan’s obliterated utopia — the fully realized dream of one man who believed in the power of the power of the self. Rapture. The name sends chills down one’s spine.

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Review: Serious Sam: The Next Encounter HD

Serious Sam: The First Encounter first strode onto the scene in 2001 and laughed in the face of the progressive thematic elements that its brethren were exploring at the time. While retro shooters such as Doom and Duke Nukem paved the way forward and other first-person shooters were busy tackling more mature themes, this adrenaline-laden thrill ride threw caution to the wind and in the process trash-talked its way into the hearts of gamers everywhere. In a somewhat ironic twist, Sam did things a lot less seriously than the competition.
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Interview: Jonathan Knight

Spawn Kill and several other gaming outlets were graciously invited onto a conference call with Dante’s Inferno executive producer, Jonathan Knight. During said call, Knight divulged some particularly interesting information regarding the upcoming hack-’n-slash extravaganza, including details involving an animated feature film, why the decision was made to adapt The Divine Comedy into a video game.

And in a particularly interesting turn of events, Knight was kind enough to divulge his thoughts on the criticism surrounding the video game adaptation, admitting that the game is a “bastardization” of the original poem, but its merits far outweigh the criticism levied against it. You can check out Knights’ insightful answers to the questions I was lucky enough to ask below to prep yourself for the February 9th release.

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