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Interview: Michael Epstein of The Motion Sick

It’s not every day that you come across a song that cleverly weaves the venerable Konami code within a sweet love song. Indie band The Motion Sick did just that, and caught my attention while I was perusing the track list on my latest Dance Dance Revolution purchase, DDR X. Intrigued, I made it my goal to track down the creators of this quirky yet adorable love song, “30 Lives”, thinking that if they created a clever song such as this, it must follow that the members were gamers. Vocalist and band member Michael Epstein was kind enough to answer a few of my questions as well as offer up some juicy tidbits of his gaming history. Get ready to spend some time with one-fourth of The Motion Sick!

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Review: Singstar Queen

If you know me, you know that I love to sing. Granted, I’m not that great at it – but that doesn’t stop me, not at all! I’m also quite the rhythm game fanatic, so I will drop the cash on anything and everything even remotely related to music (yes, I bought Jam Sessions, and regret it). When given the chance to experience a volume of Singstar featuring the classic melodies of Queen, I jumped at the chance. I popped that sucker out of the case faster than Freddie came out of the closet, and I was thoroughly satisified.

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Review: Totem

The Xbox Live Community Game scene is a great way for developers who would otherwise have little reach to connect with fellow gamers and consumers and show off the titles that they’ve poured all their heart and soul into. One game that has crept up from the efforts of some of these talented individuals is a rather strange little Tetris clone known simply as Totem. I was given the chance to try out this charming little puzzler and now I’m bringing you my impressions.

Review: The Conduit

The Wii has become a sort of mecca for shovelware, lackluster forays in minigames, and other throwaway adventures that are nowhere near the $30-$50 you might be spending. First-person shooters are very hit-or-miss on the console as well, which is why I was pleasantly surprised upon taking notice of The Conduit, one of the system’s most solid offerings. While it isn’t breaking the FPS mold and it certainly isn’t turning the genre on its head, it offers some decidedly fantastic gameplay that you can’t argue with since the Wii sorely needs a title like this to even begin to stand up to heavy-hitters like the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

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Review: King of Fighters XII

Just the other day I reviewed Garou: Mark of the Wolves here at Spawn Kill, a solid 2D fighter that’s well worth your Microsoft points via the Xbox Live Marketplace. Now, I’m bringing you my thoughts on the latest entry into the venerable King of Fighters series, King of Fighters XII. The most current contender along with games such as Fatal Fury and Samurai Shodown has no use for button mashers. Only the serious fighting game enthusiasts need apply. How does this fighter fare in the ring? You need only read further.

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