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Review: Prince of Persia

The Prince of Persia series is ever-evolving. Since its original inception there have been many mantles for the Prince to take up, and from the classic Prince of Persia the franchise has come quite a long way. However, EA has taken the games in an entirely new direction with the release of the newest title. Giving the Prince and the world in which he resides a complete makeover, this game is completely unrecognizable against the backdrop of the original and the Sands of Time trilogy. But going in an all-new direction has both gained and driven fans away, and for good reason. Though the Prince and his surroundings are more gorgeous than we could have imagined, there are a few striking flaws that prevent Prince of Persia from being the masterpiece it could have been.

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Review: Soul Calibur IV

With the advent of Soul Blade on the PlayStation, fighting game enthusiasts everywhere knew they were in for something spectacular. From the way it moved so fluidly to the career-like mode where fighters were in pursuit of the legendary Soul Edge, it was a force to be reckoned with. Over the years, Soul Blade evolved into the highly-acclaimed Soul Calibur. This metamorphosis continually reached new heights with its innovative take on the fighting genre. The latest addition to the Soul Calibur series, Soul Calibur IV, takes all the best of the franchise and mixes it with aspects that have transformed the Soul series into the premiere fighting experience that it is today.

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Review: Left 4 Dead

As you move down a shadowy road riddled with dark, menacing trees, abandoned buildings, and wreckage, your heart begins to pound. You point your flashlight toward an abandoned building as a brief shuffilng sound enters your ears. Nothing there. Turning back toward the road, you are met face-to-face with hundreds of snarling, rabid undead running at a breakneck pace – toward you. Your three compatriots open fire, but it’s too late. The pallid, sticky tongue of a being known as a Smoker has you in its grasp. As you are pulled away toward rows of seemingly endless trees, it’s up to your teammates to free you. Will they succeed or have they already been incapacitated? You could have already been Left 4 Dead.

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Review: Battle of the Bands

As soon as Guitar Hero was announced, the gaming industry knew that music and rhythm games were a market yet to be milked for all that they were worth here in the United States. The mega-successful Guitar Freaks, Drummania, Beatmania, and more similar games had already received praise for years in Japan, so it was only a matter of time before American developers jumped on the bandwagon, following a trend that Harmonix and Konami popularized stateside. From that movement we’ve received some truly amazing titles, lots of shovelware, and some of those games that don’t really fit on either end of the spectrum. They’re not the best, but they certainly aren’t the worst.

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Review: Order Up!

I love food. Who doesn’t? I will openly admit to the fact that I enjoy Cooking Mama, Diner Dash, Pizza Tycoon, and all of those other food-related games. Perhaps it’s the fact that they are much more convenient than actual cooking, or they’re much less of a hassle. For whatever reason, they’re tons of fun, and Order Up! for the Wii serves up a whole mess of fun.

Order Up! puts you right in the shoes of either a male or female chef who wants to make a splash in the restaurant industry. Upon starting the game you make this decision, though it has no bearing on the route you will take on the way to becoming a revered chef. However, everyone must start somewhere, so in order to get to the top, your aspiring chef superstar is put straight to work at one of the greasiest burger joints around–Burger Face.

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