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Review: Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection

Many of us have fond memories of the Sega Genesis. It was the home to many a beloved franchise over the years like Sonic the Hedgehog, Golden Axe, Phantasy Star, and a host of others. With that said, this compilation is quite possibly one of the greatest gaming throwbacks currently available. Combining over 40 different familiar Sega titles with new save mechanics and a slew of extra content, this is the definitive Sega sampler to pick up, especially if you missed out on these games the first time around.

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Review: Lips

Sometimes, pumping a rowdy teenager full of lead via Xbox Live just doesn’t fit the mood of a party. What do you do if you’re looking to host a birthday bash or casual get-together full of the sad, lonely souls who haven’t yet been introduced to the ways of the mighty gamer? You shove a wireless mic in their hands and tell them to sing. Sing like they’ve never sung before. And maybe, just maybe, all of the hopes and dreams encased in their bodies will turn Microsoft’s karaoke title Lips into an enjoyable venture.

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Review: Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost and Damned

To many, Grand Theft Auto IV was game-of-the-year material. It provided a gritty, open world to explore as well as memorable characters, missions, and even a wide variety of music to enjoy. Plenty of hookers to pick up, beers to drink, people to murder, and cars to jack – for every individual it offended, it picked up another fan. And for good reason – it was a magnificent entry into the Grand Theft Auto series. It’s not surprising that when the game came to an end, many were distraught. That’s why another jaunt into Liberty City was warranted – there were too many loose threads and too many characters that needed their own back story. Fast forward to 2009 – GTAIV’s very first installment of DLC has finally been delivered: The Lost and Damned.

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Review: R-Type Dimensions

R-Type has been heralded as a classic shooter. Simple and straight-to-the-point, it’s a quintessential favorite of both old and new gamers. R-Type Dimensions, available via Xbox Live Arcade, takes the original formula and gives it a striking new update. Is it faithful to the original or does it tarnish the good name of the series?

For a game that’s always been known for its frustrating difficulty, R-Type Dimensions is a blast to play. Offering both R-Type and R-Type II to wade through, this is a lovingly crafted rehash of the original games. Every facet of the game has been seamlessly integrated into both a 2D and 3D spectacle to behold. You can even view the differences at any time by pressing the Y button.  Other than this unique addition, these R-Type reworkings are the exact same ones you may remember from back in the heyday of the arcades.

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Review: My World, My Way

In the real world, pouting gets you nowhere, unless you have a gullible significant other or friends who would do anything for you. But would they change the entire shape of the land for you? Would they silence monsters from casting spells? Would they increase the drop rate of items from said monsters? Not likely. Luckily, in Atlus’ My World, My Way, pouting can and will get you everywhere. This light-hearted but wholly strategic RPG is one of the newest from Atlus’s usual fantastic lineup, and a breath of fresh air in an age of games where most storylines make you want to, well, whine a little bit.

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