Preview: Karaoke Revolution Glee: Volume 3

Grab all your friends, turn your speakers up, and grab the alcohol if you’re shy. You’re gonna need all the courage you can get for Karaoke Revolution Glee: Volume 3. While hanging around the Konami booth waiting to check out some of our scheduled games, I hopped in a sound-proof box to belt out a song or two. Turns out I could only play through one song, as we had to run to check out NeverDead, but from my brief stint with the third installment (already?) of the series, I learned two things: Glee ruined “Time Warp,” and though their intonation and pieces of the song were different than the classic Rocky Horror Picture Show version, I still managed to score pretty decently.

The memorable scene from the Rocky Horror episode of the hit series played behind the classic Karaoke Revolution staff complete with lyrics and note tubes to track your progress, though Cheerios cheerleader silhouettes walked along and accompanied my singing, re-skinning the normal display and ensuring the game was branded more for Glee so you certainly didn’t forget what you were playing.

And there’s nothing new to see here; you grab some friends, a mic, choose a song, and start belting it out for points. Score higher than your friends and you win. Or, play by yourself at home because we all know it’s easier to capture your best performance when no one can see what a try-hard you’re really being. Except for all previous purposes mentioned, I’d direct you to a PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360, where wireless mics and peripherals make the entire process, including purchasing new songs, easier. However, hardcore Gleeks and those playing this with their families will likely have purchased a Wii, so it likely works out pretty well.

Volume 3 will feature thirty different songs as performed by the Glee cast, meaning unless you’re a fan of the show and have memorized all the subtle changes the show has made to some of your favorite pop hits you’ll likely find yourself doing a lot less fantastically in these tracks than you would with the originals on, say, Rock Band vocals. I wasn’t a fan of these changes, though I understand the entire point is to experience the music the way the Glee cast performed it, so if you’re a hardcore Gleek then you should find yourself scoring big.

Everyone else, practice up, and get ready for Karaoke Revolution Glee: Volume 3 this fall – slushies not included.

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