Impressions: Pee Monkey Plant Bloom

Like it or not, you can’t deny the success of the wildly popular Angry Birds. You need only spend a few moments with it and then you can kiss a few sweet hours of your life goodbye. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and you’ll curse at little green pigs. And finally, you’ll look to the App Store for some decent, similar adventures when you’ve completed every single stage you possibly can. That’s where a quirky little game called Pee Monkey Plant Bloom comes in. You might be one to judge by its title, but there’s some good fun to be had in this strange little Angry Birds clone.

Rather than destroying pigs and their surrounding structures, you need to aim a monkey’s pee stream (yes, I just said that) at small flower pots. Supposedly it’s water, since the liquid in question is actually blue, but we’ll never know for sure. You need to water each plant successfully in a set number of turns, just like going from bird to bird when gunning for pigs. It’s simple enough to understand, but ridiculously difficult to master, and for that I applaud it for being much more than just a simple clone, no matter how similar the titles may be.

This is clearly demonstrated in some of the game’s more clever moments. Your “water stream,” which retains heat (obviously still urine) and may melt ice blocks impeding your progress and standing in the way of plants that crave nutrients. Bouncing the stream off of walls and obstacles can cause a shower of droplets that may still hit the plant and count as “watering” the plant if it’s nearby. There are plenty more physics-based puzzles that play off of Angry Birds’ success, but go further to differentiate this strange little app rather than cement its status as yet another to ride the wave of another game’s success. I appreciated this immensely, especially from a game implying that this little monkey is actually urinating on flowers to get them to bloom. It’s toilet humor at its finest, but it makes a darn fun game.

And it’s an adorable one at that. The monkey in question is illustrated in a cutesy, anime chibi style with darling reactions to how you’re performing in-game. Another monkey high above each level shakes her head at what unfolds beneath her, which will elicit a giggle from even the most raunchiest of players — the game is what it is, and its self-referential humor is certainly appreciated. Not every app can make fun of itself, and that’s part of what made my experience with this one so much fun, and not to mention addictive.

Pee Monkey Plant Bloom spans 40 levels, each of which are a bit simpler than the 200+ found in Angry Birds, so it won’t last as long, but it should still serve as a viable alternative to pick up and play once you’ve had your fill of knocking pigs on their side and making them explode. For a dollar, you could do far worse than this cute little offering, especially if you’re one to need a little bathroom diversion while in the bathroom.

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