Impressions: Bubble Town 2

There’s always been a soft spot in my heart for Puzzle Bobble (also known as Bust a Move) and titles that have drawn inspiration from it. I was pleased to no end to find that the legacy had continued on the iPhone/iPod Touch with Bubble Town 2, a game that mirrors the classic color-matching, bubble-bursting franchise exactly, and one that has been absolutely burning up the Facebook community with millions of fans.  So does the portable version live up to its social-networking inspiration?

Bubble Town 2 features a host of adorable little spherical monster orbs that you must match in order to clear the board. Using a cannon, you’ll launch different creatures into the playfield, matching reds with reds, blues with blues, and so forth. The trick is angling and keeping the correct trajectory in order to clear the board and complete each round. If you consistently fail to make matches, the top of the board will lower over and over until there’s no space to create matches. Then it’s game over. Don’t worry, though – the game is quite simple to learn and enjoy. It’s only difficult to master.

Unlike the catapult in Puzzle Bobble, the cannon is a bit more difficult to maneuver. Puzzle Bobble was often generous, allowing arrow guides that would give you an idea of where the orb would land. Bubble Town 2 provides a cursor resembling a bow that aids in making a great hit, but the touch screen is tough to compensate for, and often your shots end up being a little off course. It takes some getting used to, as it’s not a game-breaking flaw, but I much prefer Puzzle Bobble’s precise aiming more.

There are four types of games to play in – Story mode, which encompasses three entire screens on the iPod Touch full of pathways to the end level. You’ll simply play and clear levels to reach the end here. If Story mode doesn’t always appeal to you, you can choose Quick Play for Classic, Ball, and Invasion modes, each of which you will need to unlock through completing Story levels. I found this a bit of a hindrance, as later levels are a bit tougher than others and some gamers may never get to see the additional unlockable modes, which is a shame.

Sprightly characters, vibrant colors, and invigorating music accompany many stages of bubble-popping fun, Bubble Town 2 brings the Facebook sensation to the iPhone/iPod Touch with style and makes it look easy.  Adorable visuals and plenty of value for the money, I-play has definitely done a good job in making this cute alternative to Puzzle Bobble portable with new modes, boss battles, and even Facebook Connect to share your triumphs with friends and rivals.  A great diversion if you’re looking for an inexpensive app (and new addiction) to add to your repertoire – and aren’t we all?

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