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Review: Duke Nukem Forever

Like many gamers who will inevitably purchase or rent Duke Nukem Forever, I grew up with Duke Nukem 3D and the menagerie of cheesy spinoffs it spawned. I was a little a girl when I got my first taste of Duke, but even then I knew I liked what I saw. Writing that sentence makes me realize just how much I’ve grown up since then, because that double entendre didn’t even make me giggle. I’ve always felt a bevy of different things while fragging with Mr. Nukem: playfulness, silliness, and even annoyance. It’s a classic shooter, sure. Unfortunately, the rest of the games in the franchise never followed suit. Still, I’ve always had fun playing.

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Review: Homefront

If I’m going to stick with a new FPS, you’ve gotta get me hooked right from the beginning. Grab my attention and give me a reason to plug away at every random baddie who pops up and wants to lodge a bullet between my eyes. Kaos Studios’ Homefront does this, but only during its Call of Duty-esque, heavily stylized introduction, during its schlocky moments of “shocking” violence as a child watches his parents massacred before his eyes, and its initial setup. And as I took up arms and followed some freedom fighters to a temporary safety, that interest dwindled. And dwindled. And dwindled until I was ready to move on, as is often the case with modern shooters that attempt to imitate the greats.

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Review: Remington Super Slam Hunting: Africa

Remington Super Slam Hunting: Africa reminds me of a game at my local Mr. Gatti’s that I enjoy every time I visit. Employing over-sized shotgun peripherals and plenty of game to hunt, it gleefully announces “YOU SHOT A COW!” in a hilariously over-the-top accent should your crosshairs come anywhere near a cow rather than the game meant to be taken down. Mastiff has brought their popular Wii shooter over to the OnLive gaming service with nary a hiccup, and I’m happy to say it manages to channel the attitude and aesthetic of my favorite pizza-place arcade shooter. Though it’s leagues better technically speaking, it’s still campy as all get-out, right down to the announcer.

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