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Review: Nicktoons MLB 3D

Mascot and crossover sports titles that attempt to simultaneously pander and garner interest from children and sports fans alike aren’t always a winning combination. In fact, Nintendo has cornered that particular market for years with an endless supply of Mario-themed sport titles, and now the Nicktoons characters have invaded the MLB with the release of Nicktoons MLB 3D on the 3DS. It looks like their position is still firmly cemented what with the frustrating mechanics and iffy framerate this particular licensed sports game attempts to pass off as a finalized product.

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Preview: Storm City Games E3 Lineup

Tucked away in the back of the show floor was a tiny publisher known as Storm City Games, who beckoned to Chris and I with the promise of comfortable leather seating, bottled water, cans of soda, and delicious snacks. Oh, and there were games, too. As I neared the booth area I consulted with one of the PR people present, later identified as Tyler Ager, who looked positively baffled when I asked him if he was the person in charge of demoing their products.

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