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Review: OnLive Microconsole TV Adapter

It used to take several floppy disks, a chunk of time, and a whole lot of patience to get a PC game up and running. Even as CDs and DVDs improved load times, there was still the matter of configuring a myriad of settings to ensure your game of choice would even load up correctly. I’ve been through it all, and even though a large portion of my roots lie in PC gaming, the accessibility and ease of console gaming is a huge draw for me. Now, in the age of Netflix and streaming media-on-demand, PC games can be purchased, rented, and enjoyed in a matter of moments thanks to cloud-based video game streaming service OnLive and, for those who prefer their gaming on HDTVs, the OnLive Microconsole TV Adapter.

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Impressions: X-Men Arcade

It often baffles me, the games chosen for revival through services such as the Xbox Live Arcade or PlayStation Network. Konami’s X-Men Arcade is one of the latest additions, but for the life of me I’m not exactly sure why it was ever a delight to play through, even during my youth, the supposed heyday of 2-D brawlers. By today’s standards and pricing, it’s a bona fide relic of a particular time and place that even many of today’s most hardcore gamers might not be familiar with, let alone want to revisit digitally. It might be a quick decadent nostalgia trip for those who may have fond memories of standing in front of the original arcade cabinent, but your money, in terms of value and enjoyment, is likely better spent elsewhere.

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Impressions: Zumba Fitness: Join the Party!

The first few rounds of Kinect games are packed full of exercise-oriented excursions – Dance Central, Dance Masters, and Your Shape: Fitness Evolved to name a few. The latest exercise craze has joined the ranks of Kinect as well: Zumba. You’ve probably heard about it in passing. It’s a fast, frenetic dance-oriented program usually experienced in large classes, much like Jazzercise or Tae Bo. While its also available for the PlayStation 3 (with Move support) and the Wii, Zumba Fitness: Join the Party for the Xbox 360’s motion-sensing Kinect attempts to offer a similarly enriching solo wellness endeavor, but ultimately doesn’t bring too much to the table in light of the myriad of other fitness options that are currently available.

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