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Review: Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies

The Dragon Quest series’ relationship with gamers outside of Japan hasn’t exactly been a stable one, especially out West.

It’s certainly not because of quality. Memorable characters, heartwarming adventures, and artwork from Akira Toriyama create experiences just as worthy of your time and attention as any Final Fantasy title.

This is further proven in the series’ latest iteration, Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies. It not only echoes what has made the Dragon Quest saga memorable, but is also the first numbered installment to receive a handheld-only release.

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Impressions: Wedding Dash

I have no desire to get tangled up in the brouhaha that accompanies weddings. All of that complaining, planning to ensure the day is “perfect,” and spoiled-brattery exhibited by the parties involved is simply repulsive to me. However, I love a good challenge. Thanks to the gentle prodding of my mother, a longtime fan of the Diner Dash series of casual games, I’ve played more than my fair share of the series, the many spin-offs, the “Supermarket Dash”es, you name it. The most recent addition to the growing series, Wedding Dash, chronicles what goes into planning a wedding reception and keeping it hoppin’ amidst chaos and disorder. It follows the tried-and-true formula of the series to the letter, yet still manages to entertain fans of the fast-food variety.

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Impressions: Hello Kitty Party

There are several games for children out there, and most of them aren’t quite up to par. Even worse, when a licensed kids’ game comes out, as it’s usually going straight to the bargain bin not long after release. Sure, the kids might get a little enjoyment out of it, but we’re not doing them any favors by handing them copies of the latest baby training game or anything like that. With that said, there are some wholly inoffensive titles that you can feel good about giving your children, because they’re either middle of the road or absolutely inoffensive. Hello Kitty Party for the Nintendo DS is one of those. Featuring some of Sanrio’s flagship, cutesy characters such as the purrrrrrfect feline herself, it’s a gentle and inviting set of mini-games that children will love to wrap their paws around.

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Review: Lock’s Quest

The DS is arguably the best haven for RPGs. It’s impossible to name on one hand the amount of fantastic RPGexperiences that have come in such a small package. Recently I had the pleasure of playing Lock’s Quest, THQ’S latest entry into the DS library. Players follow young “Archineer” (those skilled with building) Lock into the midst of a war being waged between the diabolical Lord Agony and his droves of Clockwork soldiers. On what seems to be just another normal day, Lock is requested by his grandfather to begin building a wall by the sea. However, amidst his building, he is approached by a man who announces the arrival of several Clockwork soldiers intent on destroying the village and whatever gets in their way. With this, Lock is caught up in an intricate web of villainy and tyranny, and the player is dragged in as well.

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Review: Tornado

The DS is home to a wealth of immersive and creative titles, though many of us may not realize it. Unfortunately, a glut of these games are hindered by their poor stylus-centric control schemes and thus miss the mark when they could have delivered much more. In the case of interesting little platformer Tornado, forced excessive use of the stylus ruins the entire outing. Where solid gameplay designs and interesting execution flourish, touch mechanics are too much of a chore to allow you to enjoy the game.

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