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Review: Amy

When I reviewed JU-ON, a lackluster horror outing for the Wii, I wanted to repeatedly bash my Wii remote against the wall until either my hand or the controller busted open. The survival horror genre is rather hit and miss, but I can put up with a lot in order to get to the good stuff, and have. The curious case of Amy is an interesting one. It’s nowhere near as disjointed and frustrating as the former, but its jarring brand of survival horror is a return to the early PlayStation brand of “turn-the-character-and-turn-the-camera,” which is no doubt a strange antiquity to gamers of today expecting a Resident Evil 5-styled shootout. With that said, it’s missing a certain level of polish and finesse that’s expected of any modern release, and the lack of said polish can hinder players when trying to progress through the game’s six chapters.

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