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Impressions: Go Play City Sports

As you may have garnered from my previous Go Play reviews, I have not enjoyed entries to the franchise so much. I feel that they have absolutely not gotten better with subsequent attempts, with each one being worse than the last and blatant attempts at robbing the pockets of mindless “family-oriented gamers” everywhere. Then I was offered Go Play City Sports. While it obviously isn’t going to be aggregating any fantastic scores, I did not absolutely abhor my time with it as I have with previous titles such as Lumberjacks.

Review: Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days

The original Kingdom Hearts, released in 2002, was a fantastic success. Though skeptics were unsure how the union of Disney and RPG behemoth Square Enix would fare, the quirky, fresh, and exciting offering changed many a gamer’s mind about Disney and the characters inhabiting the universe. Riding off of the first game’s success, a sequel was quickly ushered into the open. While it was in many ways a triumph and superior (at least in my opinion) to its predecessor, Kingdom Hearts purists were turned off by the fact that half of the game would be spent running around as a character completely unrelated to that of Sora, Kairi, and Riku — a plucky new hero named Roxas, along with the company he kept and his very own tale.

Because of this abrupt change in narrative, fans of the franchise were left with far more questions than necessary. Unlike GBA offering Chain of Memories, a title has been developed to specifically address these concerns: Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days.

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Review: MySims DS

The Sims has evolved into something less casual and inherently more “hardcore,” at least in terms of how much of a timesink it is. EA has taken a direct approach in order to try to rectify this strange situation, as well as reach out to those gamers who are as casual as casual can be who need to game in much smaller, much easier to digest chunks. As Sims games evolve, so do the layers of strategy and planning necessary in order to play the game like an old pro. EA’s MySims brand effectively targets those who find the sim genre appealing but who do not have enough time to learn its intricacies or those without enough time to really sit down and enjoy it.

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Impressions: Katamari Forever

I’ve followed the Katamari franchise ever since its peculiar debut stateside. With its funky color scheme, acid-trippy soundtrack, and quirky Japanese charm, it’s never failed to captivate me. From the original Katamari Damacy, to the Xbox 360 revival Beautiful Katamari, and now the PlayStation 3 exclusive Katamari Forever, it’s clear to me that I will be a Katamari fan for life. The diminutive Prince has returned once again in a veritable smorgasboard of Katamari goodness in this high-definition, high-style release. Continue Reading →

Impressions: Cabela’s Outdoor Adventures

I’m staunchly opposed to hunting for sport, so I’d much rather there be video games created to satiate that bizarre hunger of needing to head out into the woods and bag trophy bucks to brag to your overly rich friends about. At the very least, the animals aren’t being needlessly harmed (and often wasted). Unfortunately, I live in a state where hunting is lauded and praised for being some kind of rite of passage, and I know a little bit more than I’d like to thanks to millions of conversations with friends and acquaintances. One thing that I do love are FPSs and any title that involves fragging digital enemies, and Cabela’s Outdoor Adventures goes a little way to entertain that love and combine real sport hunting into a decent hunting sim for those who either echo my sentiments about the hobby or who would rather not get their hands dirty.   

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